W.T.N. - World Trade Networks
About us

WTN is an international enterprise that produces lead recycling worldwide.



As we continue to grow, we are always on the look out for new international partnerships.  No country is too small or insignificant. Through global networking we are able to make a contribution to support and thus help in the economy of these countries. Our engagement assists in the creation of employment. At the same time, through the conservation of these domestic natural resources, we are making a contribution to global protection of the environment.


Looking ahead is one of our main targets: Todays known raw materials deposits are limited to a use of another 100 years. Actual pices of raw materials and conflicts about them depict this situation.

We globally use the possibility of sparing resources through the recycling of recoverable wastes and receive the so called secondary raw material. The use of these conserves natural resources and contributes to sustainable development.